Video: J. Lee Plays - Black Love (Documentary)

Today is Valentines day and love is in the air.  Or at least it should be.  The people at J. Lee Plays take a good look at love in the black community.  Known for play and films that center around love and relationships this documentary will give a real people take on subjects that we all have our thoughts on.
The official screening of this documentary is February 26 at the historic Alamo Theater in Jackson, MS.
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From J. Lee Plays:

BLACK LOVE is bold, it is beautiful, it is what you unite us as a community, and in the times of strife and inconsistency it's all we have. Yet so many African Americans find it hard to obtain and maintain. In conjunction with the celebration of Black History Month J. Lee Productions celebrates BLACK LOVE with the release of its first documentary entitled "BLACK LOVE". "BLACK LOVE" takes an in depth look into African Americans relationships. It is comprised of real people sharing real relationship issues. "BLACK LOVE" allows single, dating, married, and divorced African Americans the opportunity to share their stories about the LOVE they have, had, or can't find along with their views and opinions as to why they feel their relationships work or didn't work. It's J. Lee Productions sincere hope that this documented piece will help individuals in the African American community identify contributions to a healthy relationship and/or create a tool to educate those who are experiencing difficulties in finding and or keeping a significant other.

"BLACK LOVE" will be screened at the Historic Alamo Theatre in Jackson, Mississippi on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 6:00pm and a second encore viewing will be held at 8pm. Tickets can be purchased at BEBOP (Maywood Mart) or This is one J. Lee Production you don't want to miss! And as always- It's NOT just a SHOW... It's an EXPERIENCE... 

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