Got Mixtapes?

What's good, good people. Dj Hova here. On the last episode of Chilly Chill Radio Dj Jonasty and I mentioned several mixtapes that have come out as of late and how they have shown that in 2010 you can still have quality music in the market. Then talking with the homie (@ReggieP601) who stays pretty current on music had not listened to Wiz Khalifa's Kush & OJ mixtape. So as a service to all those that have not been getting all A's in Mixtape 101 here is some make up work. Download these early mixtape of the year candidates and be prepared to have a quiz in December. Remember the year is only half over. Long Live Good Music!

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  1. What grade do I get for already having 3 of the 5?? lol Thanks for the links.