I'll comment quickly on this sandra rose/Jackson situation . . .

People like sandra rose will say anything for attention. She's a blogger, its what they do. They say whatever to get attention, good or bad. Its the bloggers hustle. Most only care about how many views their blog gets a day so they can get people to advertise with them. So they'll say some wild or controversial shit to gain more attention. Whether its good or bad attention doesn't matter, it's all attention. Most people here in Jackson never even heard of sandra rose before yesterday. I've heard of her but I had never been to her blog. But now look at all the people from out here that know who she is now.

Am I saying that she should "get away" with her comments? Nah, handle it how you all see fit. But just know this . . .

The more attention you give her, the more she wins. And she wins because it drives more traffic to her little blog. Do I agree with what she said? F--- no. Do I give a fuck about what she said? F--- no, because I understand the hustle behind it. And I don't knock the hustle. Its chess not checkers. The only people that should respond in a sense are bloggers from here because then they get traffic to their blogs/websites too. And with that being said, TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO CHECK OUT #CHILLYCHILLRADIO! www.chillychillradio.blogspot.com, can't knock the hustle right?

For those who don't know what I'm talkin about, check out http://www.kiraskoncept.com/, she explains it very well! (see how I did that?).

And Happy Birthday to DJ HOVA!


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  1. I completely agree with you. I never heard of her before then. Not only is she getting twitter attention, but I also read other posts. They are all just as sarcastic as the one about Jackson. Oh well. I need to drive more people to my blog. lol.