Chilly Chill Radio 16

Why a picture of a 16-Bit Sega Genesis you ask? Cause it was only the best 16 Bit gaming system ever! And this is the best Chilly Chill Radio 16 EVER!
DJ Hova & DJ Jonasty are back giving you the Jackson night life rundown, the always new music, and even some sports. (March Madness, Baby!) And how can I leave out the Chilly Chill Radio Mixshow? This time around you get 30 minutes each from both of these spin doctors. Now go Click, Download, & Enjoy!

Chilly Chill Radio 16 Part 1 aka The Radio Show
Chilly Chill Radio 16 Part 2 aka The Mixshow


  1. Good shit homies...Let's make it happen for the Sipp!

  2. Awesome!!! im lovin this mix!!!!

  3. Thumbs Down: Too Bulky!...I cain't put it in my ride! - Joe.